For Current Authors

Note: If you do not have a contract with the University of Iowa Press, please refer to the prospective authors page.

Here are all the documents you need to prepare your final manuscript for submission to the press. Do not submit a full manuscript to the press unless you have been invited to do so.

Still have questions?

If you’ve got questions about the publishing process, everyone at the press is happy to try to help. However, you will get a quicker, more definitive response if you ask the right person at the right time.

Before you submit the final manuscript:

  • Contact your acquisitions editor with all questions about peer review, art, copyright, formatting, cover ideas, marketing, and anything else about publishing with us that you are wondering about.

After you have submitted the final manuscript:

  • If you’ve received an email from the managing editor about your project, contact her.
  • If you have not received an email from the managing editor, contact your acquisitions editor.

After you have submitted the author questionnaire:

  • Contact the marketing manager about marketing questions only.
  • Questions about editing, proofing, indexing, and related production issues should be directed to the managing editor.
  • Cover image ideas should go to your acquisitions editor.

After you have won a prize or gotten great reviews:

Let us all know! We will be delighted to hear about it.