The Itinerary of Beggars

The Itinerary of Beggars

Winner of the 1973 Iowa Short Fiction Award

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290 pp

“An unusual versatility in subject matter, treatment, and structure is exhibited in this collection of 19 short stories…But the stories are not for the most part mere tours de force. Many are disturbing, some obscure, but almost all are studies in isolation, and in the characters' attempts to escape their own aloneness or penetrate that of another.”—Choice

“Traditional in technique, the simple story lines move to resolutions that mark not only the end of the story, but also a moment of illumination for one of the characters, and often an overwhelming impact for the reader.”—Library Journal

“…the author has a lot going for him—intelligence, seriousness of intent, considerable technical quality, a good deal of experience.”—Sewanee Review

“Shockingly profound.”—John Hawkes