The Black Velvet Girl

The Black Velvet Girl

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272 pp

“Just when the literati are lamenting the death of short fiction along comes a writer like C. E. Poverman with both barrels blazing…There is not a lemon in the bunch, each story is well-defined and whole…each of the 13 displays a writer of well-honed style and deeply observant nature. Poverman is an original. Read him.”—Chicago Sun-Times

“Poverman's eye is sharp, his imagination fertile, his mind full of unexpected quirks and depths.”—Library Journal

“These stories are multiform and imaginative, solidly written and seductive. Their plots deal primarily with men who yearn: to go someplace else, to do something else, to be someone else…13 tender stories, running the gamut from fantasy to reality, and doing so quite gloriously.”—Fiction International