Crisis and Conflict

Crisis and Conflict

World News Reporting between Two Wars, 1920-1940

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544 pages

"Dr. Desmond gives an interesting overview of all media during the period while providing fascinating glimpses of outstanding foreign corespondents, photographers, editors, and wire service executives. In placing all this journalistic data in a broader historical context, he has accomplished something which has not been done until now."—John C. Merrill, Director, School of Journalism, Louisiana State University

"There is scarcely an item in this book that might not conceivably be of reference interest. The summary histories which show how events in important countries affected the media and how the media reflected those events will make the volume doubly valuable to later generations."—Raymond B. Nixon, Professor Emeritus of Journalism and International Communication, University of Minnesota

As in the preceding volumes, The Information Process and Windows on the World, the author examines the interplay of communications and world affairs while charting the flow of news worldwide and analyzing the changing perspectives of the press. Desmond brings journalism history alive by relating each significant development in the history of news gathering in the military, political, social, and economic events of the time.

In Crisis and Conflict, a first hopeful, then disillusioned world moves toward the abyss of total war. Desmond tells how events were covered and by whom, assesses public comprehension of media-reported events, and weaves the whole into a fabric of general world history for the period, 1920-1940.