Toward the End of the Century

Toward the End of the Century

Essays into Poetry

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154 pages, 5 1/2 x 9 1/4

"It is a rare privilege to read a book as beautifully conceived and executed as this splendid study by the poet Wayne Dodd. Clearly the product of serious thought and earned experience, Toward the End of the Century is the rich distillation of a career's worth of intellectual wrestling with the most elusive questions about art and life."—Stanley Lindberg, editor, Georgia Review

Here is a book about where poetry comes from. Toward the End of the Century breaks new ground by dealing with some of the oldest human questions in strikingly provocative ways. In this collection of eleven essays, Dodd focuses on the present and the potential of poetry and our continuing, genuine need for its vital services.

Through his mediations, joined with his sensitive explorations of the work of a large number of modern and postmodern poets, Dodd has created a body of unusual insight and awareness. Toward the End of the Century provides a much-needed treatise of informed thinking about contemporary poetry that should be read by all who are concerned about and interested in the present and future of art.