Over This Soil

Over This Soil

An Anthology of World Farm Poems
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182 pages

“Read these poems. There is wisdom here. Wisdom says tread lightly. Feel gratitude. Revere the source. Listen to the ancient, loving conversation that, by implication, includes everything—life, death, growth, nourishment, manners, fear, frustration, love, morality, humility, wonder.”—James Galvin, foreword to Over This Soil

“The poems in Over This Soil are a poignant reminder of the critical bond between the amazing renewable natural resources of our farms and who we are as people. As goodwill ambassadors, these poems are timeless and humbling. They should be on every shelf for quick reference when the soul needs replenishing.”—Ralph Grossi, American Farmland Trust

As a natural outgrowth from her anthology of contemporary American farm poems, Handspan of Red Earth, editor Catherine Webster has devoted herself over the past years to gathering this collection of farm poems from writers around the world. She has done her work with great energy, thoroughness, skill, and love.

Over This Soil urges us to preserve our farmlands, to increase our responsibilities of land stewardship, and to intelligently maintain the agricultural necessities of our lives. It is an important agricultural and literary document for our planet at this time.