The Waiting

The Waiting

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76 pages, 6 1/8 x 8 inches
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The Waiting brings to mind the mosaic precision and the complex music of Marianne Moore: ‘I have rearranged your eyes into glass pinecones.’ Here is a sensibility so complex and rich as to compose poems of rarefied beauty and haunting eloquence. Megan Johnson fashions 'an urn chipped by loving,' a work of intelligence and elegance and sensual pleasure.”—D. A. Powell, author of Cocktails

The Waiting is a great first book, obsessed, driven, full of the passion that is the discovery of poetry, the passionate invention of a language for speaking the unspeakable, the invention of an unspeakable self discovered by poetry. Megan Johnson’s gift is enormous. Her work is a reminder that a poetry dedicated to speaking the truth never loses its power to shock a reader into awareness.”—Mark Levine

“With her very first words in The Waiting—‘See here’—Megan Johnson pledges herself to a daring, darling imperative: an open eye, an immediate presence. And she keeps her pledge, forwarding a sparkling and insouciant vision always farther in the direction of the day. It is a brilliant day.”—Donald Revell, author of Arcady and My Mojave

In a startling and original poetic voice, Megan Johnson in The Waiting reveals a vigilant young person who has suffered an unmentionable loss and who dismantles and reconstitutes lyric modes in a relentless search for solace. A lyric adventure of grief and search, The Waiting reinvents language from raw materials, driven by intense emotional need.