Everyone Pronounces It Wrong

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306 pages, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2

RAGBRAI: Everyone Pronounces It Wrong is a celebration, a memoir, an entertainment. The book deals with the first 25 years of the famous bike ride. It describes the genesis of an event that has drawn hundreds of thousands of people to Iowa from all over the world and attempts to explain the ride's continued charm and appeal.

RAGBRAI is different from all other bicycle tours. The others, and there are dozens of cross-state rides held in the United States, attract mostly serious, dedicated cyclists who clench their teeth and ride hard all day. RAGBRAI has its share of these cyclists, but it's more inclusive. It is a huge, week long celebration with dancing in the streets and evening entertainments. It is a love affair between bicycle riders and the people of Iowa. The book captures the essence of all that.

Table of contents: 

In the Beginning-the First Ride
The 83 Year-Old Wunderkind
Before the Beginning-Stirrings of a Belated Youth
The Second Year-We're Onto Something Big
Years of Change, 1975-1979
Sex and Drugs: Soggy Monday and a Sad Farewell, 1980-1982
RAGBRAI Matures, 1983-1985
The Fine-tuning Years, 1986-1997
RAGBRAI Personalities
What It All Has Meant