Seasons of Plenty

Seasons of Plenty

Amana Communal Cooking

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236 pages, 8 x 10

“Perhaps nothing characterizes the heritage of the Amana Colonies as well as the communal kitchens, where members of this German religious community gathered to share the bounty of the land and their labors. In Seasons of Plenty, Emilie Hoppe shares with us the foodways and culinary traditions of the kitchens that nurtured the culture of communal Amana and live on in many Amana kitchens today. Each recipe is an invitation to discover Amana’s heritage. Enjoy.”-Lanny Haldy, executive director, Amana Heritage Society

 “Every few pages, the reader faces a dilemma: whether to keep reading this thoroughly engaging account of Amana foodways, or to head into the kitchen and try out the tantalizing recipes. I urge you to take time for both.”-Jonathon Andelson, Center for Prairie Studies, Grinell College

Seasons of Plenty provides colorful descriptions, folk stories, appealing photgraphs and illustrations, excerpts from journals and ledgers, recipes for good food like savory dumpling soup, mashed potatoes with browned bread crumbs, Sauerbraten, and feather light apple fritters.