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The University of Iowa Guide to Campus Architecture, Second Edition

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360 pages, 15 maps, 24 color photos, 125 b&w photos
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"People, not structures, make a great university. However, great structures inspire and enable great things to happen in a university. A commitment to 'noble architecture' makes a clear statement about the academic excellence to which the university continually aspires. The university's entry into the twenty-first century is marked by the coming to fruition of a number of exciting new buildings that inspire and serve us."—from the introduction by Willard L. Boyd, professor of law and president emeritus, University of Iowa

In this guide to the University of Iowa’s architecture, revised and updated to reflect the numerous changes following the 2008 flood, John Beldon Scott and Rodney P. Lehnertz discuss and illustrate an ensemble of buildings whose stylistic diversity reflects the breadth of Iowa’s contributions to research, education, and creative activities. Current students and their parents, alumni, and professional and amateur architecture enthusiasts will appreciate this informative tour of the university’s distinctive campus.