Death of a Writer

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318 pages, 5 ½ x 8 ¼ inches
eBook, perpetual ownership: 

“A wonderfully creepy murder mystery . . . an intellectually vigorous, emotionally bracing read.”—People

“Michael Collins tears into literary academe with great comic gusto.”—The New York Times Book Review

For E. Robert Pendleton, a professor clinging to tenure and living in the shambles of his once bright literary career, death seems to be the only remaining option. But his suicide attempt fails, and during his long convalescence, a novel is discovered hidden in his basement: a brilliant, semi-autobiographical story with a gruesome child murder at its core.The publication of Scream causes a storm of publicity and raises questions about its content in particular, about the uncanny resemblance between Pendleton's fictional crime and a real life, unresolved local murder. How did Pendleton know the case so well? And why did he bury Scream in his basement?