Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson

Woman Poet

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237 pages, 2 drawings, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches

"…[Emily Dickinson: Woman Poet] manages, with extraordinary finesse and intelligence, to rehumanize the poet. This Dickinson is presented in a clear, jargon-free critical narrative that is at once serious, witty, committed and down-to-earth. And it is indeed a superb surprise to see such an efficacious blend of intensive close readings with extensive historical contextualizations."—Barton L. St. Armand

"In de-pathologizing Emily Dickinson, Bennett helps to de-pathologize our current critical notions of past (and present) feminine creativity. This is a sane book about a saner poet than perhaps we knew we had; it will be as much a corrective as a catalyst to other scholars of feminine poetry. . ."—Anne Douglas

"…a revealing, rewarding, and immensely readable book. It enlivens the way we read Dickinson as distinctively and happily a woman poet."—Jane Donahue Eberwein

This provocative volume is the first full-length study to integrate Emily Dickinson's homoeroticism with a comprehensive interpretation of her poetry.

Table of contents: 

A Note on the Dickinson Texts
1. Beyond the Dip of Bell
2. Pugilist and Poet
3. Vinnie's Garden
4. Polar Privacy
5. Of Genre, Gender and Sex
List of Poems Cited