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"A Secret to Be Burried"
Judy Nolte Lensick
"All Will Yet Be Well"
Suzanne Bunkers
"I have done my duty"
Sue M. Goldie
"The Only Efficient Instrument"
Aleta Cane
Susan Alves
John Kent Folmar
A Community of Writers
Robert Dana
A Cook's Tour of Iowa
Susan Puckett
A Country So Full of Game
James Dinsmore
A Curious and Ingenious Art
Melissa Banta
A Damned Iowa Greyhound
Donald C. Elder III
Paul Baender
A Lucky American Childhood
Paul Engle
A Naturalist amid Tropical Splendor
Alexander F. Skutch
Lon Otto
A Perfect Picture of Hell
Ted Genoways
Hugh H. Genoways
A Piece of Work
Jay Woodruff
A Place of Sense
Michael Martone
A Point Is That Which Has No Part
Liz Waldner
A Potter's Workbook
Clary Illian
A Practical Guide to Prairie Reconstruction
Carl Kurtz
A Prairie Populist
Jane Taylor Nelsen
A Robert Coles Omnibus
Robert Coles
A Rural Carpenter's World
Wayne Franklin
A Ruth Suckow Omnibus
Ruth Suckow
A Shared Life
Katherine Soniat
A Spy in the Enemy's Country
Donald A. Petesch
A Trauma Artist
Mark Heberle
A Whitman Chronology
Joann Krieg
Actors and American Culture, 1880-1920
Benjamin McArthur
After the West Was Won
Paula Nelson
Airs, Waters, Places
Bin Ramke
All Contraries Confounded
Karen Kaivola
American Diaspora
Virgil Suárez
Ryan G. Van Cleave
American Gothic
Robert Martin
Eric Savoy
Paul Christiansen
Mark Müller
An Iowa Album
Mary Bennett
Anne Tyler as Novelist
Dale Salwak
Art Without Boundaries
Jack Anderson
Arthur Symons
Karl Beckson
John M. Munro
Articles of Faith
Elizabeth Oness
Jon Mukand
Avant-Garde Jazz Musicians
David G. Such
Aviation's Golden Age
William M. Leary
Bachelor Bess
Philip L. Gerber
Bearing the Bad News
Sanford Pinsker
Being a Minor Writer
Gail Gilliland
Benjamin Shambaugh and the Intellectual Foundations of Public History
Rebecca Conard
Between the Heartbeats
Cortney Davis
Judy Schaefer
Beyond Homelessness
Benedict Giamo
Jeffrey Grunberg
Birds Every Child Should Know
Neltje Blanchan
Birds of an Iowa Dooryard
Althea R. Sherman
Blood and Bone
Angela Belli
Jack Coulehan
Bonds of Enterprise
John Lauritz Larson
Books and My Food
Elisabeth Luther Cary
Annie M. Jones
Boomer Girls
Pamela Gemin
Paula Sergi
Breaking Boundaries
Sherrie Inness
Diana Royer
Broken Heartland
Osha Gray Davidson
Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Jill Rudd
Val Gough
China Dreams
Isabelle Maynard
Choreography Observed
Jack Anderson
Citrus, Strategy, and Class
Mark Moberg
Constructing the German Walt Whitman
Walter Grünzweig
Contesting the Master Narrative
Jeffrey Cox
Shelton Stromquist
Crisis and Conflict
Robert W. Desmond
Crossing the Line
Larry Moffi
Jonathan Kronstadt
Cult Archaeology and Creationism
Francis B. Harrold
Raymond A. Eve
Cultural Difference and the Literary Text
Winfried Siemerling
Katrin Schwenk
D. H. Lawrence and Modernism
Tony Pinkney
Dancing in the Movies
Robert Boswell
Dickens and the Grown-up Child
Malcolm Andrews
Dinner Roles
Sherrie Inness
Clifford Ashby
Dreaming Revolution
Scott Bradfield
Driving the Body Back
Mary Swander
Shelia and Thomas Pozorski
Echo Chambers
Patrick O'Donnell
Edge Effects
Chris Anderson
Educating for Professionalism
Delese Wear
Janet Bickel
Embodied Memory
Anat Feinberg
Emily Dickinson
Paula Bennett
Engaging with Shakespeare
Marianne Novy
Exploring the Beloved Country
Wilbur Zelinsky
Field of Vision
Lisa Knopp
Fire Road
Donald Anderson
Flight Dreams
Lisa Knopp
Fly in the Buttermilk
Cecil A. Reed
For Love of the World
Sherman Paul
Fourteen Landing Zones
Philip K. Jason
Fragile Giants
Cornelia Mutel
Friendly Fire
Kathryn Chetkovich
Fruit of the Month
Abby Frucht
Furious Cooking
Maureen Seaton
Gardening in Iowa and Surrounding Areas
Veronica Lorson Fowler
Garrison Keillor
Peter A. Scholl
Genes and Human Self-Knowledge
Robert F. Weir
Susan C. Lawrence
Evan Fales
Genre Fission
Marleen Barr
Gilbert and Sullivan
Harold Orel
H.D. and Poets After
Donna Krolik Hollenberg
Handspan of Red Earth
Catherine Lewallen Marconi
Ann Harleman
Hard Choices
David Hamilton
Hard Places
Richard V. Francaviglia
Harry Belten and the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto
Barry Targan
Heart Failure
Ivy Goodman
Heirs of Hippocrates
Richard Eimas
Helpers at Birds' Nests
Alexander F. Skutch
Herbert Hoover
Lawrence E. Gelfand
Herbert Hoover as Secretary of Commerce
Ellis W. Hawley
Hints and Disguises
Celeste Goodridge
Hints of His Mortality
David Borofka
History, Power, and Identity
Jonathan D. Hill
Hotel Malabar
Brendan Galvin
House Fires
Nancy Reisman
I Thought of Daisy
Edmund Wilson
Imaginary Men
Enid Shomer
In My Father's Study
Ben Orlove
In Primary Light
John Wood
In Search of Donna Reed
Jay Fultz
In Search of the Modern Hippocrates
Roger J. Bulger
Pamela Alexander
Integrity in Health Care Institutions
Ruth Ellen Bulger
Stanley Joel Reiser
Interpreting the Theatrical Past
Thomas Postlewait
Bruce McConachie
Intimate with Walt
Gary Schmidgall
Invisible Criticism
Alan Nadel
Invisible Darkness
Charles R. Larson
Iowa Birdlife
Gladys Black
Iowa Railroads
H. Roger Grant
Iowa Stereographs
Mary Bennett
Paul Juhl
Iowa's Archaeological Past
Lynn M. Alex
Iowa's Minerals
Paul Garvin
Larissa Szporluk
Jazz Country
Horace Porter
Jazz in the Sixties
Michael J. Budds
Joseph Conrad
Martin Ray
Journey into Personhood
Ruth Cameron Webb
Joyce and the Jews
Ira B. Nadel
King James and Letters of Homoerotic Desire
David Bergeron
Kinship with the Land
E. Bradford Burns
Knights of the Air
Peter King
Ladie Borlase's Receiptes Booke
David Schoonover
Land of the Fragile Giants
Cornelia Mutel
Mary Swander
Landforms of Iowa
Jean Prior
Landscape with Figures
Kent C. Ryden
Laughing Africa
Terese Svoboda
Learning by Heart
Maggie Anderson
David Hassler
Letters from Togo
Susan Blake
Letters of a German American Farmer
Johannes Gillhoff
Letters to the Press
Arthur Conan Doyle
John Michael Gibson
Richard Lancelyn Green
Line of Fall
Miles Wilson
Listening to Mozart
Charles Wyatt
Literature and the Child
James Holt McGavran, Jr.
Little Bit Know Something
Robin Ridington
Looking For Leonardo
Bates Lowry
Love in a Global Village
Jessie Carroll Grearson
Lauren B. Smith
Main Street Revisited
Richard V. Francaviglia
Mapping American Culture
Wayne Franklin
Michael Steiner
Mapping the Invisible Landscape
Kent C. Ryden
Marginal Sights
James S. Moy
Massacre of the Innocents
Bin Ramke
Mastering the Revels
Richard Dutton
May All Your Fences Have Gates
Alan Nadel
May Days
Samuel F. Pickering Jr.
Melodramatic Formations
Bruce McConachie
Memoirs of a Cold War Son
Gaines Post, Jr.
Edward Braun
Modern Czech Theatre
Jarka Burian
Montane Foragers
Mark S. Aldenderfer
More han Ola og han Per
Peter Julius Rosendahl
Einar Haugen
Joan N. Buckley
Noah Blaustein
Mountains of Memory
Don Scheese
My Ever Dear Daughter, My Own Dear Mother
Katherine R. Morgan
My Iowa Journey
Philip G. Hubbard
My Life with President Kennedy
Christopher Clausen
My Vegetable Love
Carl H. Klaus
Negative Poetics
Edward Jayne
Neighboring on the Air
Evelyn Birkby
Nineteenth-Century Home Architecture of Iowa City
Margaret N. Keyes
Notations of the Wild
Gyorgyi Voros
Nothing to Do but Stay
Carrie Young
Of Cabbages and Kings County
Marc Linder
Lawrence S. Zacharias
Okoboji Wetlands
Michael J. Lannoo
Old Capitol
Margaret N. Keyes
Old Wives' Tales
Susan M. Dodd
On the Bowery
Benedict Giamo
Origins of Magnetospheric Physics
James Van Allen
Out of the Girls' Room and into the Night
Thisbe Nissen
Over This Soil
Catherine Webster
P.E.O. Cook Book
David Schoonover
Parsnips in the Snow
Jane Anne Staw
Mary Swander
Philip Larkin
Janice Rossen
Places of Quiet Beauty
Rebecca Conard
Poe Abroad
Lois Davis Vines
Prairie Cooks
Carrie Young
Mark Müller
Prairie Reunion
Barbara Scot
Prairies, Forests, and Wetlands
Janette R. Thompson
Provincial Inca
Michael Malpass
Quantifying Archaeology
Stephen Shennan
Race and Excellence
Ezra E. H. Griffith
Railroad Postcards in the Age of Steam
H. Roger Grant
Railroads in the Heartland
H. Roger Grant
Raymond Carver
Sam Halpert
Reading the Social Body
Catherine Burroughs
Jeffrey Ehrenreich
Recalcitrance, Faulkner, and the Professors
Austin M. Wright
Receipts of Pastry and Cookery
Edward Kidder
David Schoonover
Reconstituting Authority
William Moddelmog
Rediscovering Nancy Drew
Carolyn Stewart Dyer
Nancy Tillman Romalov
Rediscovering the New World
Earl Fitz
Reflecting a Prairie Town
Drake Hokanson
Reflecting the Audience
Jim Davis
Victor Emeljanow
Restoring the Tallgrass Prairie
Shirley Shirley
Richard Wright's Art of Tragedy
Joyce Warren
Robert Louis Stevenson
R. C. Terry
Roman Holidays
Robert Martin
Leland Person
Rumors of Separate Worlds
Robert Coles
Salem Is My Dwelling Place
Edwin Haviland Miller
Sarah's Seasons
Martha Davis
Selected Letters of Walt Whitman
Edwin Haviland Miller
Graham Holderness
Nick Potter
John Turner
Shapes of Culture
Thomas McFarland
She Wields a Pen
Janet Gray
Shiny Objects
Dianne Benedict
Silver and Gold
Drew Heath Johnson
Marcia Eymann
Sitting In
Hayden Carruth
Skepticism and Ideology
Terence Allan Hoagwood
Slow Work through Sand
Leslie Ullman
Small-Town Heroes
Hank Davis
Snake's Daughter
Gail Hosking Gilberg
Soft Canons
Karen Kilcup
Soldier Boy
Barry Popchock
Solidarity and Survival
Shelton Stromquist
State Fair
Phil Stong
Status and Conservation of Midwestern Amphibians
Michael J. Lannoo
Stored Tissue Samples
Robert F. Weir
Struggling with "Iowa's Pride"
Wilson Warren
Such Rich Hour
Cole Swensen
Swamp Candles
Ralph Burns
Jessie Carroll Grearson
Lauren B. Smith
Taking Part
Robert Josephy
Tales of an American Hobo
Charlie Fox
Tales of an Old Horsetrader
Leroy Judson Daniels
Technology, Bureaucracy, and Healing in America
Roger J. Bulger
Tennyson's Characters
David Goslee
Textual and Theatrical Shakespeare
Edward Pechter
Thank You for Being Concerned and Sensitive
Jim Henry
That Red Wheelbarrow
Robert Coles
The Age and Stage of George L. Fox, 1825-1877
Laurence Senelick
The Ant Generator
Elizabeth Harris
The Anti-Warrior
Milt Felsen
The Art of the Autochrome
John Wood
The Beach Umbrella
Cyrus Colter
The Black Velvet Girl
C. E. Poverman
The Book of Babel
Nigel Lewis
The Brontës
Harold Orel
The Bunker in the Parsley Fields
Gary Gildner
The Cincinnati Cookbook
David Schoonover
The Coast of Illyria
Dorothy Parker
Ross Evans
The Complete Poetry of James Hearst
James Hearst
Scott Cawelti
The Enigma of Ethnicity
Wilbur Zelinsky
The Evolution of Walt Whitman
Roger Asselineau
The Fictional Labyrinths of Thomas Pynchon
David Seed
The Fighting Horse of the Stanislaus
Lawrence I. Berkove
The Folks
Ruth Suckow
The Gates of the Elect Kingdom
John Wood
The Great Machines
Robert Hedin
The Great War and Women's Consciousness
Claire M. Tylee
The Guide to Classic Recorded Jazz
Tom Piazza
The Guide to Iowa's State Preserves
Ruth Herzberg
John Pearson
The Hamlet Vocation of Coleridge and Wordsworth
Martin Greenberg
The Hemophiliac's Motorcycle
Tom Andrews
The Higher Jazz
Edmund Wilson
Neale Reinitz
The Homeless of "Ironweed"
Benedict Giamo
The Homosexual Tradition in American Poetry
Robert Martin
The Information Process
Robert W. Desmond
The Iowa Award
Frank Conroy
The Iowa Award
Frank Conroy
The Iowa Breeding Bird Atlas
Laura Spess Jackson
Carol A. Thompson
James Dinsmore
The Iowa Catalog
Wesley I. Shank
The Itinerary of Beggars
H. E. Francis
The Keep
Emily Wilson
The Ladies' Etiquette Handbook
David Schoonover
The Letters of Rudyard Kipling, Volume 4: 1911-19
Rudyard Kipling
Thomas Pinney
The Literary Biography
Dale Salwak
The Lost Voices of World War I
Tim Cross
The Oval Hour
Kathleen Peirce
The Penultimate Suitor
Mary Leader
The People of Denendeh
June Helm
The Performance of Power
Sue-Ellen Case
Janelle Reinelt
The Photographic Arts
John Wood
The Phototropic Woman
Annabel Thomas
The Poetry of Ted Hughes
Leonard M. Scigaj
The Prairie People
James Clifton
The Recurrence of Fate
Spencer Golub
The River of Lost Voices
Mark Brazaitis
The Royal Beasts and Other Works
William Empson
The Show and the Gaze of Theatre
Erika Fischer-Lichte
The Sun Still Shone
Lorraine T. Dorfman
The Tattooed Countess
Carl Van Vechten
The Theatrical Event
Willmar Sauter
The University of Iowa in the Twentieth Century
Stow Persons
The Vascular Plants of Iowa
Lawrence Eilers
Dean Roosa
The Venus Tree
Michael Pritchett
The War against the Intellect
Peter Shaw
The Warrior's Gift
Mack Faith
The Warsaw Sparks
Gary Gildner
The Way It Was
D. C. Spriestersbach
The Wedding Dress
Carrie Young
The Women in the Mirror
Pat Carr
The Worlds Between Two Rivers
Gretchen Bataille
David Gradwohl
Charles Silet
The Writing Path 1
Michael Pettit
The Writing Path 2
Michael Pettit
The Zeppelin Reader
Robert Hedin
There Goes the Neighborhood
David Reynolds
These Valiant Dead
Robert C. Jones
This Side of Cooperstown
Larry Moffi
Thomas Hardy's Tragic Poetry
Katherine K. Maynard
Thoreau's Sense of Place
Richard Schneider
Through Amazonian Eyes
Emilio F. Moran
Ticket to Minto
Sohrab Homi Fracis
Tight Spaces
Kesho Scott
Cherry Muhanji
Egyirba High
Times of Surrender
Robert Coles
To Square with Genesis
Alan Tormaid Campbell
Toward the End of the Century
Wayne Dodd
Michael Martone
Trail to Heaven
Robin Ridington
Tree of Heaven
James McKean
John McNally
Cole Swensen
Uncertainty and Plenitude
Peter Stitt
Under Fire
Osha Gray Davidson
Peg Mullen
Unionizing the Jungles
Shelton Stromquist
Marvin Bergman
Up a Country Lane Cookbook
Evelyn Birkby
Vandemark's Folly
Herbert Quick
Virginia Woolf
J. H. Stape
Virginia Woolf's Renaissance
Juliet Dusinberre
Visiting Emily
Sheila Coghill
Thom Tammaro
Voices Cast Out to Talk Us In
Ed Roberson
Bin Ramke
Waking Sleeping Beauty
Roberta Seelinger Trites
Walt Whitman
Ed Folsom
Walt Whitman and the World
Gay Wilson Allen
Ed Folsom
Walt Whitman's "Song of Myself"
Edwin Haviland Miller
Wandering Stars
Laurence Senelick
Was This Heaven?
Lyell D. Henry, Jr.
Western Electric
Don Zancanella
Wet Places at Noon
Lee Abbott
Whitman and the Irish
Joann Krieg
Whitman in His Own Time
Joel Myerson
Windows on the World
Robert W. Desmond
Within the Lighted City
Lisa Lenzo