Literary Criticism

"The Only Efficient Instrument"
Aleta Cane
Susan Alves
12 x 12
Christina Mengert
Joshua Marie Wilkinson
A Broken Thing
Emily Rosko
Anton Vander Zee
A Piece of Work
Jay Woodruff
A Place for Humility
Christine Gerhardt
A Poetry Criticism Reader
Jerry Harp
Jan Weissmiller
A Robert Coles Omnibus
Robert Coles
A Spy in the Enemy's Country
Donald A. Petesch
A Trauma Artist
Mark Heberle
A Vocabulary of Thinking
Deborah Mix
A Whitman Chronology
Joann Krieg
After the End of History
Samuel Cohen
book jacket
Loren Glass
Against the Gallows
Paul Christian Jones
Alcott in Her Own Time
Daniel Shealy
Alice beyond Wonderland
Cristopher Hollingsworth
All Contraries Confounded
Karen Kaivola
Ambiguity and Gender in the New Novel of Brazil and Spanish America
Judith Payne
Earl Fitz
American Literature and Culture in an Age of Cold War
Steven Belletto
Daniel Grausam
American Unexceptionalism
Kathy Knapp
Among Friends
Anne Dewey
Libbie Rifkin
Anne Tyler as Novelist
Dale Salwak
Arthur Symons
Karl Beckson
John M. Munro
At the Brink of Infinity
James von der Heydt
Bad Land Pastoralism in Great Plains Fiction
Matthew J.C. Cella
Bearing the Bad News
Sanford Pinsker
Behind the Lines
Philip Metres
Being a Minor Writer
Gail Gilliland
Bodies on the Line
Raphael Allison
Brave New Words
Elizabeth Ammons
Breaking Boundaries
Sherrie Inness
Diana Royer
Building Their Own Waldos
Robert D. Habich
Capital Letters
David Dowling
Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Jill Rudd
Val Gough
Civil War Nurse Narratives, 1863-1870
Daneen Wardrop
Coloring Locals
Bonnie James Shaker
Conserving Walt Whitman's Fame
Gary Schmidgall
Constructing the German Walt Whitman
Walter Grünzweig
Cosmopolitical Claims
B. Venkat Mani
Cultural Difference and the Literary Text
Winfried Siemerling
Katrin Schwenk
D. H. Lawrence and Modernism
Tony Pinkney
Dickens and the Grown-up Child
Malcolm Andrews
Jane Donahue Eberwein
Stephanie Farrar
Cristanne Miller
Disturbing the Universe
Roberta Seelinger Trites
Doctors in the Making
Suzanne Poirier
Dreaming Revolution
Scott Bradfield
E Pluribus Unum
W. C. Harris
Echo Chambers
Patrick O'Donnell
Emerson in His Own Time
Ronald A. Bosco
Joel Myerson
Engaging with Shakespeare
Marianne Novy
English after the Fall
Robert Scholes
Entitled to the Pedestal
Nghana tamu Lewis
Fiction Sets You Free
Russell Berman
For Love of the World
Sherman Paul