University of Iowa Press Announces New Series: Iowa and the Midwest Experience

The University of Iowa Press is pleased to announce a new book series, Iowa and the Midwest Experience, edited by William B. Friedricks, professor of history at Simpson College. The series will publish innovative books on the social, cultural, economic, political, and geographical issues that have shaped the history of Iowa and other midwestern states. In addition to presenting current research and suggesting future directions for scholars, the series aims to make midwestern history more accessible to the general public.

William B. Friedricks, director of the Iowa History Center, was recently named the inaugural winner of the Iowa History Prize, awarded by Humanities Iowa to help support and promote awareness of and interest in Iowa history. He is the author of several books including Investing in Iowa: The Life and Times of F. M. Hubbell and In for the Long Haul: The Life of John Ruan. He has appointed an advisory board consisting of Marvin Bergman of the State Historical Society of Iowa; Rebecca Conard, Middle Tennessee State University; Thomas Morain, Graceland University; Pamela Riney-Kehrberg, Iowa State University; Dorothy Schwieder, Iowa State University; and Timothy Walch, Herbert Hoover Presidential Library.

“I’m eager to bring the history of Iowa and its neighboring states to the forefront. Midwestern history has long been neglected, and there are so many interesting stories to be told here. Obviously a publication program goes a long way toward creating public enthusiasm as well as giving educators and scholars a great set of resources. As the only university press in the state, the University of Iowa Press is a natural partner in such a venture. The press represents all the best qualities of a publisher, including impeccable editorial, design, and production standards,” said Friedricks.

“We are thrilled to be publishing in the area of midwestern history in a more formal and determined way,” said Holly Carver, director of the University of Iowa Press, “and to be working with a scholar as esteemed as William Friedricks. Bill has been a relentless and creative promoter of Iowa history. He has chosen an advisory board of highly respected scholars and has already poured energy into pursuing significant projects. The fact that he is an author helps enormously in identifying promising manuscripts and guiding them through the publication process.”

Please send inquiries and proposals to William Friedricks or consult the submission guidelines for authors.