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  1. Meat Makes People Powerful 

    ... centuries. With a special focus on East Asia, Meat Makes People Powerful reveals how national governments regulated and oversaw meat ...

    hasek - February 2018

  2. A Wrestling Life 2

    ... When most people think of the celebrated greatness that is Coach Dan Gable, they think of ...

    crainey - February 2018

  3. What Counts as Love

    ... Counts as Love  brilliantly examines where the seams of people’s lives begin to fray, leaving a poignant ellipsis for how they’ll ... and making us care for them all. They are as alive for me as people I know and root for, and now I’m rooting for Marian Crotty, a ...

    hasek - December 2017

  4. Good Apples

    ... to produce perfect apples with exactly the crunch and flavor people want. This is a story of the uncertainties of a changing climate, a ...

    hasek - January 2018

  5. Outside Is the Ocean

    ... abjection, compassion alongside hurt, until finally the people in this book feel as human and real as anyone you've known.”—Paul La ...

    hasek - December 2017

  6. Reading as Collective Action

    ... It provides access to beauty and horror, to new places, new people, and new ideas. It can, as the phrase goes, change your life. Good ... lampposts to the New York Times . You will read about people in Michigan and Tennessee, who leveraged a community reading program on ...

    hasek - December 2017

  7. Framing Fan Fiction

    ... gender and sexualities, within a community of like-minded people. In contrast to the celebration of originality in many other areas of ...

    crainey - November 2017

  8. Service in a Time of Suspicion

    ... four coordinated attacks on the United States, killing 2,977 people. These events and the government’s subsequent “War on Terror” ...

    hasek - October 2017

  9. A Peculiar People

    ... less conservative Beachy Amish. A Peculiar People explores the origin and growth of the Old Order Amish in Iowa, their ... of contents:  A Peculiar People in a Brave New World: Iowa’s Old Order Amish in Recent Years, ...

    kraken - September 2016

  10. A Woodland Counting Book

    ... thrived alongside gray foxes and ovenbirds. But as more people arrived, the woodlands, like the tallgrass prairie, were cleared with ... are endangered or extinct. Despite the great loss, many people are working to restore and enlarge what remains so that woodlands can ...

    kraken - February 2018