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  1. The Lines

    ... broken family I’ve read since Judith Guest’s  Ordinary People. ” — Patrick Ryan, author,  The Dream Life of Astronauts  ...

    kyliemoss - August 2019

  2. Figures of Speech

    ... and globalization, language served as a way to categorize people within a world that appeared more diverse than ever. Linguistic ...

    hasek - July 2019

  3. A Wrestling Life 2

    ... wrestling coaches in the sport’s history.  When most people think of Dan Gable, they think of an almost mythic intensity toward ...

    crainey - July 2019

  4. Stamford '76

    ... misogyny, the economy, and corruption affected the young people’s daily lives, and helped lead Margo and Howie to their deaths. ...

    kyliemoss - June 2019

  5. A Peculiar People

    ... less conservative Beachy Amish. A Peculiar People explores the origin and growth of the Old Order Amish in Iowa, their ... of contents:  A Peculiar People in a Brave New World: Iowa’s Old Order Amish in Recent Years, ...

    kraken - March 2018

  6. Straight Korean Female Fans and Their Gay Fantasies

    ... to reshaping the Korean media’s portrayal of gay people. Jungmin Kwon names the Korean female fandom for gay portrayals as ...

    kyliemoss - March 2019

  7. Transaction Histories

    ... that exist among objects, landscapes, texts, and people, and lays bare the ways in which our transactions keep our lives ...

    hasek - November 2018

  8. A Bountiful Harvest

    ... the early to mid twentieth century. Wettach photographed the people of farming communities in and around his home state of Iowa during the ... lives. A Bountiful Harvest is as much a tribute to the people living today who have so much to share about a time and a way of life, ...

    kraken - August 2019

  9. Theatre and Identity in Imperial Russia

    ... in the nineteenth? How were the identities of the Russian people and the Russian soul configured and altered by actors in St. Petersburg ... the battle for the hearts and minds of the Russian people. Add to ...

    kraken - August 2019

  10. Czech Theatre Design in the Twentieth Century

    ... high quality and dynamic creativity, survival skills for a people whose national identity had been dismantled during many years of ...

    kraken - August 2019