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  1. About UI Press

    kraken - April 2010

  2. The Future of Family Farms

    ... who ‘belongs to the land:’ start the conversation about your farm’s legacy today. The future of rural communities and regional ... of Family Farms is a timely and important new book about the future of farmland and the hopes and challenges of the families who ...

    adncn - July 2018

  3. For Single Mothers Working as Train Conductors

    ... Soviet Union, these interlinked stories have a certain magic about them. They speak of loss and disappointment, of foiled ambitions and failed marriages. And yet there is something uplifting about them—owing no doubt to the author’s reserves of talent and ...

    hasek - August 2018

  4. Jews and the Making of Modern German Theatre

    ... excellent introduction and epilogue foreground questions about Jewish cultural identity formation with a present-time focus on how we ... To read the review from All About Jewish Theatre , please click here . ...

    kraken - August 2018

  5. Jon Mukand

    ... in Milwaukee. Editor of Sutured Words: Contemporary Poetry about Medicine , whose strongest poems were included in Articulations , Vital Lines: Contemporary Fiction about Medicine , and Rehabilitations for Patients with HIV Disease , he is ...

    kraken - July 2012

  6. Fangs of Malice

    ... clever, his absorbing book finds important new things to say about many dramatists, including, almost amazingly, Shakespeare, Molière, and ... Goldman, Princeton University “ Fangs of Malice is about the age-old suspicion that theatrical mimesis is a kind of lying. The ...

    kraken - August 2018

  7. Fifty Uncommon Birds of the Upper Midwest

    ... “This delightful book is full of interesting stories- about encounters with the rare and reclusive birds of the Upper Midwest. Nancy ... The annotated bibliography includes online information about national and international organizations that focus on birds or that ...

    kraken - August 2018

  8. Form, Power, and Person in Robert Creeley's Life and Work

    ... Life and Work invigorates our thinking not only about Creeley’s significance, but also about what poetry is and does. For anyone who, like Creeley, can claim to be ...

    kraken - August 2018

  9. A Woodland Counting Book

    ... A Woodland Counting Book helps children learn about the woodland family. From one splendid white oak to fifty busy carpenter ... common and scientific names of and interesting information about all featured species. These vibrantly colored scratchboard ...

    kraken - August 2018

  10. Industrial Poetics

    ... And that’s what Industrial Poetics is all about: working-class aspirants for middle-class ‘professional’ goodies, ... less invested in artistic self-absorption and more concerned about social responsibility. As Amato focuses on the challenges faced by ...

    kraken - August 2018