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  1. Mass Authorship and the Rise of Self-Publishing

    ... polemics, instead showing how writers are actually thinking about and dealing with this brave new world. Timothy Laquintano compares the ... Laquintano answers some of the most pressing questions about what it means to publish in the twenty-first century: How do writers ...

    adncn - October 2017

  2. Millennial Fandom

    ... control, and create. At the same time, long-standing fears about fans’ cultural unruliness manifest in rampant stories of millennials’ ...

    adncn - November 2017

  3. The Rise of Women Farmers and Sustainable Agriculture

    ... professionals, and anyone else interested in farming think about gender and sustainability, as well as to change how feminist scholars and theorists think about agriculture.  ...

    adncn - October 2017

  4. The Fan Fiction Studies Reader

    ... as literary artifacts, fan works pose important questions about the nature of authorship, the meaning of “originality,” and modes of ...

    athmas - November 2017

  5. Playing Fans

    ... Offering a new approach to the longstanding debate about the balance between manipulation and subversion in popular culture, the ...

    adncn - November 2017

  6. Odd Bloom Seen from Space

    ... roguish wit. Truly, I can’t say enough good things about it. It’s one of the best debut books I’ve read in many ... that Welch’s debut collection confronts big questions about family, music, art, and memory. Like a contemporary Diogenes who pursues ...

    crainey - October 2017

  7. Fangasm

    ... scenes and discovering just how much the cast and crew know about what the fans are up to. Anyone who’s been tempted to throw off the ...

    athmas - November 2017

  8. "A Secret to Be Burried"

    ... domestic sphere, and her inability to make real choices about her own life. In 1989 Judy Nolte Lensink recovered Emily’s lost voice, ...

    kraken - October 2017

  9. Worth

    ... full of power. In Worth Robyn Schiff inquires about making, buying, selling, and stealing in the material world, the natural ...

    kraken - October 2017

  10. See You in the Streets

    ... Sergel, a remarkable activist and artist, writes eloquently about one of history’s worst workplace tragedies—the Triangle Shirtwaist ...

    adncn - October 2017