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  1. New Visions of Community in Contemporary American Fiction

    ... Magali Cornier Michael illuminates the ways in which their authors engage with ideas of communal activism, common commitment, and social ...

    kraken - March 2018

  2. Standards of Value

    ... Populating the pages of this bold and innovative study are authors as varied as Harriet Beecher Stowe, George Washington Cable, Charles ...

    kraken - March 2018

  3. She Wields a Pen

    ... Writing in the United States appear in Gray's anthology. Authors who never made it to the more compendious and infinitely impressive ...

    kraken - March 2018

  4. Between the Heartbeats

    ... Creative Health Care Resources “A new class of authors who are experienced professionals as well as skilled and talented ...

    kraken - March 2018

  5. American Unexceptionalism

    ... A. M. Homes, and others, Kathy Knapp demonstrates that these authors revisit this well-trod turf and revive the familiar everyman character ...

    athmas - March 2018

  6. A Perfect Picture of Hell

    ... experiences of the regiment as a whole and the individual authors in context. This anthology, though of obvious value to those interested ...

    kraken - March 2018

  7. Melville in His Own Time

    ... his status as one of America’s most securely canonical authors. Born into patrician wealth but plunged into poverty as a child, in ...

    adncn - March 2018

  8. Gilbert and Sullivan

    ... theatrical managers, singers, actors, journalists, and authors. These engaging extracts serve to disprove the famous remark that "it ...

    kraken - March 2018

  9. Invite

    ... work of Kafka—’The Burrow,’ in particular. Very few authors have taken this form of radical investigation so far, and fewer still ...

    kraken - March 2018

  10. Tight Spaces

    ... attention to casualties as well as to survivors. For the authors, survivors themselves, it is a celebration of life, of creativity. And ...

    kraken - March 2018