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  1. Growing Up with the Town

    ... like:  A Peculiar People Iowa Past to Present ...

    kraken - March 2018

  2. Art Quilts of the Midwest

    ... in this book embrace the Midwest’s climate, land, people, and culture, and if they don’t always embrace it wholeheartedly, then ...

    adncn - April 2018

  3. Sarah's Seasons

    ... Amish A Peculiar People Out of This World ...

    kraken - March 2018

  4. Kinship with the Land

    ... Iowa's regionalists expressed a rich abstraction of people and place. They conferred meaning, imparted understanding, ... regionalism's spiritual solidarity with the land and the people who worked it. Burns lets these Iowans speak for themselves, then ...

    kraken - March 2018

  5. The Scientific Nomenclature of Birds in the Upper Midwest

    ... into their sources yield quirky, tantalizing facts about the people, geography, habitat, and mythology behind bird names. Each entry also ...

    athmas - April 2018

  6. Control Bird Alt Delete

    ... holes, rock walls, and lilac bushes, and is made to think of people gone missing. Robert Frost meets Times Square. Nature intrudes in ... mazes it hangs up like “welcome home” banners next to people’s mouths while they speak. The reader follows the first-person I ...

    athmas - March 2018

  7. Tell Everyone I Said Hi

    ... rural highways of Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky to find people who’ve lost someone or something they love and have not yet found ways ... basements and loud trucks, of bad exes and horrible jobs, of people who remain loyal to sports teams that always lose. Displaced by ...

    athmas - March 2018

  8. The Sawdust Trail

    ... Vespers A Peculiar People Herbert Hoover as Secretary of ...

    kraken - March 2018

  9. The Tallgrass Prairie Center Guide to Seed and Seedling Identification in the Upper Midwest

    ... has been reduced to a tiny percentage of its former expanse, people are working to restore and reconstruct prairie communities. This ...

    jamccoy - April 2018

  10. Her Kind of Want

    ... outsized longings and bitter disappointments of small-town people—may feel familiar, but her characters never whine, never irritate. . . ... Her Kind of Want is a celebration of southern people, their perseverance, their spirit, and their determination to make the ...

    kraken - March 2018