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  1. bodys

    ... nihilistic agitprop? “Last night one of the girls asked about the relationship between a body and nobody,” Roveto writes. “It was ... is someone willing to tell you their object choice is about you playing yourself in relation to them as a face.  ...

    adncn - June 2018

  2. Violet America

    ... long habit among literary historians and critics of thinking about large segments of American literary production in terms of regionalism. ... of assumptions, informed by longstanding habits of thought about American culture, that marginalize important literary works and deform ...

    athmas - March 2018

  3. Bodies on the Line

    ... immensely readable book that will appeal to anyone curious about poetry, creative writing, performance, disability studies, and the ... from the 1920s to the Present “Most critics who write about postwar poetry mention the significance of poetry readings, but few ...

    athmas - March 2018

  4. The River of Lost Voices

    ... Lost Voices. These are tender, beautiful, touching stories about a Guatemala that is at once strange and universal. This is a remarkable ... “When you finish these wonderful stories about life in a small Guatemalan town, you might feel as if they were a dream ...

    kraken - March 2018

  5. Reading as Collective Action

    ... from lampposts to the New York Times . You will read about people in Michigan and Tennessee, who leveraged a community reading ... the Great Recession and to engage with their neighbors about immigration. You will meet a pair of students who took to public transit ...

    hasek - April 2018

  6. What Counts as Love

    ... headlong pace keeps us reading breathlessly. She writes about desperadoes of love, caught in moments when desperation may require ...

    hasek - June 2018

  7. Her America

    ... is an important addition to the growing body of works by and about Susan Glaspell now in print, since it solidifies her position as a ... as much today as during Glaspell’s lifetime—about society’s values and priorities and about the individual search for ...

    kraken - March 2018

  8. History Matters

    ... winning wager is that such attention yields revelations about the ways that poems inform us, change us, upend our normal habits of ... history, our artistic values always reflecting attitudes about both literary history and culture at large. History Matters does not ...

    kraken - March 2018

  9. Reforming the World

    ... Arguing that novels of the era engaged with questions about the proper role of fiction taking place at the time, María Carla ... motivated involvement of men and women in shaping ideas about the role of literature in debates about abolition, moral reform, temperance, and protest work. She concludes ...

    kraken - March 2018

  10. Sum of the Parts

    ... urges them to test the limits of commonsensical assumptions about what makes a region unified and whole, and challenges them to acknowledge the complexity of their own stories about how place and people shape one another.”—Stephanie Foote, University ...

    jamccoy - March 2018