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  1. Currency of the Heart

    ... through their parent’s demise. This experience is about as difficult as any child can face.”—Jordan E. Goodman, author of ... influenced by the legacy of loss. Anyone who cares about the ultimate significance of investment, work, and the intricacies of ...

    kraken - March 2018

  2. The Creative Writer's Survival Guide

    ... nuts-and-bolts how-to that has ever been written about writing. McNally has answered every one—every one!—of the questions ... up in a Q&A session when the writer’s impulse is to talk about Art and the audience wants to know: how do I get to be you? I look ...

    jamccoy - March 2018

  3. Song of Myself

    ... of wit, wisdom, and delight that will shape conversations about Whitman’s democratic epic for years to come.”—Betsy Erkkilä, ... The Song of Himself “When most critics write about literary texts, they focus on their favorite passages and ignore others ...

    adncn - March 2018

  4. Restoring the Tallgrass Prairie

    ... “Turning around, then, we begin to wonder about what we have lost, and among our losses is the sound of wind through tall ... Tallgrass Prairie is the ideal book for anyone thinking about developing a home prairie. It is a thoroughly enjoyable mix of history, ...

    kraken - April 2018

  5. Status and Conservation of Midwestern Amphibians

    ... USGS Midcontinent Ecologial Science Center “As we talk about declining biodiversity, having an inventory of any group or region is ... book presents an impressive amount of new information about the current status of amphibians in the North American Midwest and about ...

    kraken - March 2018

  6. Man Killed by Pheasant and Other Kinships

    ... Price writes with exceptional lucidity, humor, and wisdom about his unexceptional—and exemplary—American life. I spent my own youth ... Booklist , starred review “Whether he is writing about fatherhood, or marriage, or gardening, or snow geese, readers will be ...

    athmas - April 2018

  7. Gothic Passages

    ... of gothicism? What can these discursive ties tell us about a range of social boundaries—gender, sexuality, class, race, ... and destabilization of these social boundaries tell us about the development of the U.S. gothic? The sources used to address these ...

    kraken - March 2018

  8. A Naturalist amid Tropical Splendor

    ... is a beautifully written account of life, especially about bird behavior, in tropical America, and it is full of fascinating tidbits about hummingbirds, oropendolas, castlebuilders, and more. It rests squarely on ...

    kraken - March 2018

  9. Breaking Boundaries

    ... in every sense, Breaking Boundaries asks fresh questions about traditional stalwarts, 'regionalizes' figures hitherto examined under ... “This is an excellent anthology. It complicates our ideas about 'regionalism,' links nineteenth- and twentieth-century writers, places ...

    kraken - March 2018

  10. City of the Big Shoulders

    ... author, The Irrationalist “What is so striking about this anthology of Chicago poetry is how much it is a poetry of arrival ... this city which then chose them. This anthology is as much about facing the pleasures and demands of urban America as it is specifically ...

    athmas - March 2018