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  1. Women Poets on Mentorship

    ... A Journal of New Writing "Much has been written by and about women poets and women's poetry, but this is the first that addresses the ... point of view. My own poetry students have talked about the need for exactly such a book. Women Poets on Mentorship will be ...

    kraken - February 2017

  2. Trespasses

    ... at the same time a voice from another era, Trespasses is about ‘growing up in a poor farming town in the Great Plains,’ an ... in a novel by Faulkner or Morrison, I found myself thinking about large important issues without initially understanding how Lacy ...

    athmas - February 2017

  3. La Far

    ... in the next moment wandering away to notice something quiet about sparrows, something about how they peck at frozen water. So he has written La Far , a book that ...

    athmas - February 2017

  4. Poets on Teaching

    ... and scholars who teach and for students who wish to learn about the many ways poets think about how a poem comes alive from within—and beyond—a classroom. Not ...

    jamccoy - February 2017

  5. Violet America

    ... long habit among literary historians and critics of thinking about large segments of American literary production in terms of regionalism. ... of assumptions, informed by longstanding habits of thought about American culture, that marginalize important literary works and deform ...

    athmas - November 2016

  6. Iowa Gems and Minerals in Your Pocket

    ... allowed entrance to these facilities. With information about each specimen’s type, source, size, and current location, Paul Garvin ...

    athmas - April 2017

  7. A Year of Iowa Nature

    ... and do. Each image and comment provides something to think about beyond the week they were originally shared.”—Linda and Robert ...

    athmas - April 2017

  8. Landforms of Iowa

    ... Dayton Museum of Natural History "Jean Prior writes about the glacial geology of Iowa as if it's an old friend. She knows and cares about her subject and explains Iowa's geologic attractions with a sure ...

    kraken - February 2017

  9. The Lovers Set Down Their Spoons

    ... two of them novelettes—Slomski writes with a keen eye about relationships. About the desires that pull us together and the betrayals that push us apart. ...

    athmas - February 2017

  10. After the End of History

    ... of these works reveals how these novelists, in writing about history, helped to make history. This is an important book for anyone ... penetrating critiques of triumphalist and edenic myths about America’s distant and more recent past. In doing so, they cast a ...

    kraken - September 2016