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  1. Supplement to "Walt Whitman: A Descriptive Bibliography"

    ... book collector’s delight, all the way down to details about recent sales and acquisitions or the latest count of first editions. ... for any number of reasons, including its tantalizing updates about the many twists and turns in the production of Leaves of Grass and ...

    jamccoy - March 2018

  2. Service in a Time of Suspicion

    ... of military personnel. In so doing, she raises questions about what it means to be an American for Muslims and non-Muslims alike. A humanizing and urgent book about identity, inclusion, and the contemporary vitality of our nation’s ...

    hasek - April 2018

  3. A Woodland Counting Book

    ... A Woodland Counting Book helps children learn about the woodland family. From one splendid white oak to fifty busy carpenter ... common and scientific names of and interesting information about all featured species. These vibrantly colored scratchboard ...

    kraken - May 2018

  4. Industrial Poetics

    ... And that’s what Industrial Poetics is all about: working-class aspirants for middle-class ‘professional’ goodies, ... less invested in artistic self-absorption and more concerned about social responsibility. As Amato focuses on the challenges faced by ...

    kraken - May 2018

  5. Ball Hawks

    ... really enjoyed  Ball Hawks . It was interesting to read about the history of sports in my hometown of Waterloo, Iowa, and learn about both the formation of the NBA and about what it was like to play ...

    hasek - May 2018

  6. Say This of Horses

    ... to horses.”—Dorianne Laux, author, Facts about the Moon “Horses’ names remembered at a burial pasture; a ... Say This of Horses represents the abundance of poems about horses that have been written throughout the ages and around the world. ...

    kraken - March 2018

  7. Molière, the French Revolution, and the Theatrical Afterlife

    ... coherent interpretations of personalities and events about which the available historical record is fragmentary at best, when not ... Molière’s afterlife. Her research yields fresh insights about cultural contexts for both Molière and the French Revolution—and ...

    kraken - May 2018

  8. Mad Men Unzipped

    ... scholars, and pop culture critics will dig this study about the psychology of fandom."— Library Journal “The most fun you ... have when you’re not watching Mad Men . . . learning about the new world of storytelling where fans aren’t just spectators ...

    adncn - May 2018

  9. On the Origin of Superheroes

    ... “Chris Gavaler has permanently changed the way I think about the emergence of the superhero and bridges the frontier that divides ... seems less preoccupied with offering a definitive narrative about the origins of superheroes than providing a starting point for further ...

    adncn - May 2018

  10. Fantasies of Empire

    ... of the larger issues raised: What the controversy reveals about contemporary sexual and social relations, what light it sheds on opposing ... of art and entertainment in modern society, and what it says about the pervasive effect of British imperialism on society’s behavior in ...

    kraken - May 2018