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  1. Lincoln in His Own Time

    ... whose lives intertwined with his or those who had direct contact with eyewitnesses. Bush focuses on Lincoln’s literary interests, ...

    athmas - September 2016

  2. Twelve Millennia

    ... diet through annual buffalo hunts—and the era of European contact and the end of prehistory. The book concludes with useful catalogs of ...

    kraken - September 2016

  3. Try

    ... the intangible yields to an insatiably human craving for contact: 'She touched the painting / as soon as the guard / turned his back.' ...

    kraken - September 2016

  4. Family Bible

    ... memoir. But don't think she's not able, somehow, to keep eye contact with what's behind her, literally and figuratively. Family Bible is ...

    kraken - September 2016

  5. Nature and Culture in the Northern Forest

    ... Priscilla Paton In Awe of the Body: Physical Contact, Indulgence Shopping,and Nature Writing 227 Loriann e DiSabato ...

    kraken - September 2016

  6. Rights & Permissions

    ... File If you have further questions or concerns, please contact your acquiring editor. ...

    kraken - September 2016

  7. Submitting a Proposal

    ... of Iowa Press does not handle these submissions. Please contact the Iowa Writers’ Workshop with questions about them. What to ...

    kraken - May 2016