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  1. Genre Fission

    ... Marleen Barr develops a critical discourse for talking about, precisely, gender, race, and class. And she does it in such a lively, ... enlightening. Barr expands postmodern assumptions about cultural studies by suggesting that "genre fission" is occurring among ...

    kraken - March 2018

  2. Purple Passages

    ... is on contemporary poetry by men, but it is equally a book about the impact of nascent feminism on a generation of poets who forged ... meticulously outlines key moments of choice and debate about masculinity among writers as disparate as Ezra Pound, T. S. Eliot, Louis ...

    athmas - March 2018

  3. Douglass in His Own Time

    ... wide-ranging, including contemporary correspondence by and about Douglass, reminiscences, poetry, tributes, and critiques well into the ... sketches, memoirs, letters, editorials, and other articles about him, readers will encounter the complexity of a life lived on a very ...

    athmas - March 2018

  4. That Red Wheelbarrow

    ... to "pour himself into books and come up with some thoughts about them." In this splendid volume of essays and reviews, Coles takes this ... Charles Dickens, Thomas Hardy, and the Brownings. He writes about twentieth-century European and American novelists George Orwell, Jerzy ...

    kraken - March 2018

  5. The Fluency of Light

    ... Rights period when grown-ups were still idealistic about integration and affirmative action, but carried suspicion around the ... thinking on the current cultural moment—a nation about to turn more brown than white, more mixed than ‘pure.’”—Dinty W. ...

    athmas - March 2018

  6. Racial Things, Racial Forms

    ... social relationships. He is equally gifted in talking about poetry and the visual arts, making this the best work yet on Mei-Mei ... without contesting more fundamental assumptions about the construction of racial form. In the poets’ various treatments of ...

    athmas - March 2018

  7. Fangasm

    ... scenes and discovering just how much the cast and crew know about what the fans are up to. Anyone who’s been tempted to throw off the ...

    athmas - May 2018

  8. See You in the Streets

    ... Sergel, a remarkable activist and artist, writes eloquently about one of history’s worst workplace tragedies—the Triangle Shirtwaist ...

    adncn - May 2018

  9. What You've Been Missing

    ... impolite, a book to thrust upon strangers, a book made right about all that does go wrong in our tribe.”—Lee K. Abbott, author of ... You’ve Been Missing is not just another set of stories about bad things happening to good people. At its heart, this award-winning ...

    kraken - March 2018

  10. The Courtship of Eva Eldridge

    ... is both a riveting narrative of detection and a moving story about individual lives caught up in the changing gender roles generated by ... life down on the farm. After the war, she was ambivalent about getting married and settling down—at least until Vick arrived. ...

    adncn - March 2018