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  1. The Kind of Things Saints Do

    ... Fiction Award.”— Booklist “I believe that what people yearn for in love is to have their lives made numinous by the immortal ...

    kraken - September 2016

  2. China Dreams

    ... ago is still visible. The buildings remain, but for the people you must turn to the fascinating memoir by Isabelle Maynard of growing ...

    kraken - September 2016

  3. Line of Fall

    ... the fourteen stories in this volume explore the arcs people trace as they make their way in the world. Miles Wilson's compelling ...

    kraken - September 2016

  4. A Ruth Suckow Omnibus

    ... structures of society and in the deep understanding of people and their motivations, she speaks in a universal voice."— Today's ...

    kraken - September 2016

  5. Sunday Houses the Sunday House

    ... that we can learn as much from objects as we can from other people, from the inanimate as much as the animate. Each poem descends upon a ...

    kraken - September 2016

  6. Things Kept, Things Left Behind

    ... In Things Kept, Things Left Behind , his care for these people and his generosity toward them are evident on every page.”—George ...

    kraken - September 2016

  7. Waiting on the Bounty

    ... historians; detailed personal accounts written by ordinary people, and especially by farm women, living in the dust bowl region during the ...

    kraken - September 2016

  8. In Rare Form

    ... Sunday preached his version of the gospel to millions of people across the nation. In this nontraditional biography of the man regarded ...

    kraken - September 2016

  9. Snake's Daughter

    ... through vividly and poignantly. She brought two fascinating people into our lives: Sergeant Snake Hosking and his daughter Gail. They will ...

    kraken - September 2016

  10. Intensive Care

    ... beautiful and important collection of writing. These are the people who keep us alive and bid us farewell—with unwavering sensitivity and ...

    kraken - September 2016