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  1. Excommunicados

    ... of regret. Here are stories that ask enormous questions about faith and doubt, love and death, justice and forgiveness, questions that ...

    adncn - February 2017

  2. Status and Conservation of Midwestern Amphibians

    ... USGS Midcontinent Ecologial Science Center “As we talk about declining biodiversity, having an inventory of any group or region is ... book presents an impressive amount of new information about the current status of amphibians in the North American Midwest and about ...

    kraken - September 2016

  3. Visiting Emily

    ... of the world's great poets. If there was ever any doubt about Dickinson's influence on modern and contemporary poets, this remarkable ...

    kraken - February 2017

  4. bodys

    ... nihilistic agitprop? “Last night one of the girls asked about the relationship between a body and nobody,” Roveto writes. “It was ... is someone willing to tell you their object choice is about you playing yourself in relation to them as a face.  ...

    adncn - February 2017

  5. Ascension Theory

    ... writes Christopher Bolin in Ascension Theory ,“is about appearing without motes between us: / it is practice for presenting ...

    athmas - February 2017

  6. Night in Erg Chebbi and Other Stories

    ... but as we have never quite seen it before. A marvelous book about the natural world and the human landscapes of resilience, grief, and ...

    adncn - February 2017

  7. A Naturalist amid Tropical Splendor

    ... is a beautifully written account of life, especially about bird behavior, in tropical America, and it is full of fascinating tidbits about hummingbirds, oropendolas, castlebuilders, and more. It rests squarely on ...

    kraken - September 2016

  8. Transatlantic Stowe

    ... Full of engaging essays that challenge conventional notions about Stowe’s work—even quite recent criticism about Stowe’s regionalism—and present new insights about Stowe’s role in ...

    kraken - September 2016

  9. My Iowa Journey

    ... higher education. His personal history is very instructive about academic culture in the context of the larger society. Clearly, there ... of the human spirit. In reading his story, we learn not only about his rich life but also about important aspects of Iowa history and the ...

    kraken - September 2016

  10. Gothic Passages

    ... of gothicism? What can these discursive ties tell us about a range of social boundaries—gender, sexuality, class, race, ... and destabilization of these social boundaries tell us about the development of the U.S. gothic? The sources used to address these ...

    kraken - September 2016