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  1. Rows of Memory

    ... of his family and other migrant farm laborers like them, people who endured dangerous, dirty conditions and low pay, surviving because ...

    athmas - September 2016

  2. Coloring Locals

    ... general understanding of the Creole and Cajun as mixed-race people into “purely” white folks, this designation of whiteness being one ...

    kraken - September 2016

  3. Picturing Utopia

    ... prohibition on photography and took up cameras to record the people and events around them. Picturing Utopia: Bertha Shambaugh ...

    kraken - September 2016

  4. Stowe in Her Own Time

    ... context, explanatory notes provide information about people and places, and the book includes a detailed introduction and a ...

    kraken - September 2016

  5. Writing Vietnam, Writing Life

    ... forever to the Vietnam War, the country of Vietnam, and its people. Add to ...

    kraken - September 2016

  6. Cobble Circles and Standing Stones

    ... lead to new insights into the rise and fall of the people who built the cobble circles and raised the standing stones at Rivas, a ...

    kraken - September 2016

  7. Buxton

    ... town remains a compelling story that continues to capture people's imaginations. In Buxton: A Black Utopia in the Heartland, the ...

    kraken - September 2016

  8. How to Leave Hialeah

    ... underbelly. Crucet’s writing has been shaped by the people and landscapes of South Florida and by the stories of Cuba told by her ...

    kraken - September 2016

  9. Tales of an Old Horsetrader

    ... The Wild Horse 19. Trick Horse and Trick Mules 20. Trick People 21. Sheepdogs and Sheepherders 22. Slaughtering 23. Changes 24. ...

    kraken - September 2016

  10. A Store Almost in Sight

    ... gives the reader a gritty, grassroots sense of how ordinary people made their livings and built communities in the lands newly opened to ...

    athmas - September 2016