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  1. Dragonflies and Damselflies in Your Pocket

    ... Just as more and more people enjoy watching birds and butterflies, watching the many shimmering ...

    kraken - January 2018

  2. Mushrooms in Your Pocket

    ... provide optimal opportunity for mushroom enthusiasts; people of all ages can be found wandering the woods, clutching bags and hoping ...

    kraken - January 2018

  3. The Sacred Cause of Union

    ... It is a valuable contribution to understanding how these people shaped the state for generations.”—Leo Landis, State Curator, State ...

    adncn - January 2018

  4. The Ghosts of NASCAR

    ... under a microscope. Author John Havick interviewed scores of people, analyzed film of the race, and pored over newspaper accounts of the ...

    athmas - January 2018

  5. Robert Marshall

    ... Wilderness Society in 1935. First published in 1933,  The People's Forests  made a passionate case for the public ownership and ...

    kraken - July 2012

  6. John McCormick

    ... puppet researcher and performer. His publications include People’s Theatre , Popular Theatres of Nineteenth-Century France, Dion ...

    kraken - October 2010

  7. David Pichaske

    ... Small Town ; Southwest Minnesota: The Land and the People ; Poland in Transition: 1989-91 ; Late Harvest: Rural American ...

    kraken - April 2010

  8. The People of Denendeh

    “ The People of Denendeh is an exciting volume. It is certain to become a valuable ... the last fifty years of research into Dene life ways, [ The People of Denendeh ] provides intelligent, if cautious, observations on the ...

    kraken - September 2016

  9. Dan Gable

    ... of Fame Legends of the Sport category, becoming one of three people in the world to receive this honor. He resides in Iowa City, Iowa, with ...

    adncn - September 2015

  10. Ellie Rose

    ... she makes art that exercises the brains and bodies of people living with cognitive impairments. ...

    adncn - September 2015