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  1. Something We Have That They Don't

    ... the way the English spell it They’re so clever about some things Probably smarter generally than we are ... in the process they pose a series of fascinating questions about the national narratives that currently dominate definitions of the ...

    kraken - September 2016

  2. Shapes of Culture

    ... field often lack the common background to talk meaningfully about their work. This, contends McFarland, is a true crisis in learning and knowledge. We have begun to know a plethora of details about subfields but little of the larger disciplines. Even more momentous is ...

    kraken - September 2016

  3. Bearing the Bad News

    ... literature. Pinsker concludes with some sobering thoughts about the current state of American intellectuals. Ultimately, Bearing the ... essay and his belief that what we read, and what we say about what we read, matters deeply. ...

    kraken - September 2016

  4. Unbeknownst

    ... undertones of daily life, Hanson looks and speaks frankly about the intimate, the private, the deep insides of act and feeling. This is a ... ourselves and to each other—and unhappy about the disappointments that are bound to transpire (“We’ve been like ...

    jamccoy - September 2016

  5. Walt Whitman's Songs of Male Intimacy and Love

    ... poems is perfectly timed. Erkkila says they are about ‘men loving men—physically, socially, sexually, spiritually, and ... years after Whitman’s brave decision to speak publicly about a fully realized democracy, his country is still locked in a struggle ...

    jamccoy - September 2016

  6. Soft Canons

    ... incomparable works, these critics promote dialogue not only about the texts under consideration but also about the very nature of how we read across lines of gender, race, class, and ...

    kraken - September 2016

  7. Pink Pirates

    ... interdisciplinary approach gave me new ways of thinking about motherhood, sexual pleasure, domesticity, and the commons.”—Alison ... and economic implications and engages digital-era excitement about the commons with the most utopian and materialist strains in feminist ...

    jamccoy - September 2016

  8. Kolonie-Deutsch

    ... “For those who thirst to know more about Iowa, its history and culture, Kolonie-Deutsch will go down like a ... itinerary for visitors to the Colonies, information about recent publications on Amana history and culture, and an overview of ...

    kraken - September 2016

  9. Mastering the Revels

    ... recontextualized and reconceptualized old and new questions about the nature and function of censorship. His answers add up to a ... allows for a more sympathetic and accommodating censorship about contentious matters than earlier accounts have assumed. Mastering the ...

    kraken - September 2016

  10. These Valiant Dead

    ... the heroic Cordelion, King John raises further questions about the validity of historical memory and the viability of heroic renewal. ... terms that take into account the preceding plays' questions about the uses of the past and that offer a viable way to "remember with ...

    kraken - September 2016