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  1. Making Local Food Work

    ... your farmer.” Brandi Janssen takes on some of the myths about how the local food system works and what it needs to thrive. Advocates ...

    athmas - November 2018

  2. Theatre and Identity in Imperial Russia

    ... century to the era of the Great Reforms reveals anything about Russian culture and society, it may be that there is nothing more ...

    kraken - November 2018

  3. The Lincoln Highway

    ... says he doesn't like long drives, has written unforgettably about those who do.”— Christian Science Monitor “With his lively ...

    kraken - November 2018

  4. The Iowa State Fair

    ... It's a reminder that an extraordinary annual event is about to take place, just as it has for more than 150 years: the Iowa State ...

    athmas - November 2018

  5. Heart Stays Country

    ... and realized after reading this book how little I know about my own land. I think it should be a required reading for college ...

    hasek - November 2018

  6. Wildflowers and Other Plants of Iowa Wetlands

    ... are none better suited and better qualified to teach us about Iowa’s aquatic plants and wetlands than Dean Roosa and the late Sylvan ...

    adncn - November 2018

  7. Dragonflies and Damselflies in Your Pocket

    ... insects. In addition to providing useful general information about broad-winged damsels, spreadwings, pond damsels, darners, clubtails, ...

    kraken - November 2018

  8. A Bountiful Harvest

    ... tribute to the people living today who have so much to share about a time and a way of life, as it is to the man who helped record it in so ...

    kraken - November 2018

  9. A Tallgrass Prairie Alphabet

    ... within their native habitat. For those wanting to learn more about the wonders of this rich environment, McGehee provides the common and ...

    kraken - November 2018

  10. The Indians of Iowa

    ... “Indians in Iowa Today.” The book ends with information about visiting Native American museums, historic sites, and communities in Iowa ...

    kraken - November 2018