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  1. 2013 Iowa Short Fiction Award Winners Announced

    ... You will stay up all night to learn the fates of these people, who will become as real to you as anyone you know.” The short ...

    athmas - March 2013

  2. Whitman’s Drift

    ... moves us emotionally, but moves around in the world among people and places. Studying that literature and how it circulated can help us ...

    crainey - December 2017

  3. Up a Country Lane Cookbook

    ... her house in Iowa…Everything at that meal was connected to people Evelyn knew and to the Iowa she loves. It wasn't just food; it was ... long ago and a place that doesn't seem so far away and the people who lived there and the times and rituals they shared…We are grateful ...

    kraken - November 2017

  4. Music for the Melodramatic Theatre in Nineteenth-Century London and New York

    ... Throughout the nineteenth century, people heard more music in the theatre—accompanying popular dramas such as ...

    athmas - November 2017

  5. India’s Organic Farming Revolution

    ... of organic food by focusing on what it means for the people who grow and sell it—what it means for their health, the health of ...

    athmas - November 2017

  6. The Farm at Holstein Dip

    ... Iowa, he thought that history happened only to important people in earlier times and more exotic places. After decades of teaching, he ...

    athmas - November 2017

  7. Poverty and Charity in Early Modern Theater and Performance

    ... the inevitable exposure of the dissembling beggar. Just as people’s attitudes toward the poor could rapidly change from skepticism to ...

    adncn - November 2017

  8. Cities of Farmers

    ... way we produce food. There are going to be 3.1 billion new people on Earth in the next forty years, and we cannot even feed our population ... going to be able to survive is to grow food closer to where people live—inside cities where there is a lot of vacant land.”—From the ...

    adncn - October 2017

  9. Mad Men Unzipped

    ... and codes online fan commentary to understand the ways that people use the show to debate complex social issues, from sex and alcohol to ...

    adncn - November 2017

  10. The Fan Fiction Studies Reader

    ... and its standing among fans. The questions of how and why people become fans, and what the difference is between liking something and ...

    athmas - November 2017