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  1. In Dylan Town

    ... during the Dylan Days festival, Gaines shows that, for many people, being a fan of popular culture couples serious critical and creative ...

    adncn - November 2017

  2. See You in the Streets

    ... Fire also destroyed a building in lower Manhattan, also led people to leap to their deaths rather than burn alive, but the culprit in the ... ‘in 2011, the year of the Triangle Fire Centennial, 17 people in the United States were killed by terrorism, while 4,609 died in ...

    adncn - October 2017

  3. Race and Excellence

    ... how he managed this passage. There is wisdom here for people of all races about how to live both with passion and with amazing ... chronic illness that results in the suffering of our people; and no one is immune—even medical professors from our nation's finest ...

    kraken - October 2017

  4. The Prairie People

    ... past and discusses the history and social evolution of these people down to the mid-1960's. In doing so the author includes much that is ... tribe…In sum, this book gives the story of the Potawatomi people with accuracy, interest, and feeling.”— Wisconsin Magazine of ...

    kraken - September 2016

  5. Odd Bloom Seen from Space

    ... side-line / reflection’; history seems to happen to other people, in other places, affording Welch his detached viewpoint from which a ...

    crainey - October 2017

  6. Carnival in the Countryside

    ... the Old Mill, to walk through the livestock barns, and to people-watch. At the same time that they enjoy fried candy bars and roller ... But from the start these noble intentions jostled up against people’s desire to have fun and make money, honestly or otherwise—not least ...

    adncn - October 2017

  7. Up on the River

    ... past the clichéd Mighty Mississippi and directly to the people, places, and natural processes that make this river live and breathe. ... Times Book Review  “Marvelous stories about river people and their craft . . . [that] will appeal to all lovers of the great ...

    jamccoy - April 2017

  8. Metamedia

    ... The Cheese Monkeys (2001), Salvador Plascencia’s The People of Paper (2005), Reif Larsen’s The Selected Works of T. S. Spivet ...

    adncn - April 2017

  9. The Iowa Lakeside Laboratory

    ... account of one long-established station and the many people who have contributed to its success. The pages are amply illustrated ... to our enormous environmental problems must come from people who have learned to generate their own knowledge rather than absorb it ...

    athmas - April 2017

  10. Oneota Flow

    ... the story of the Upper Iowa as it flows through land and people, holding true to Aldo Leopold’s conception of land as a community in which water, people, and soil play interactive parts. ...

    kraken - April 2017