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  1. Mad Men Unzipped

    ... and codes online fan commentary to understand the ways that people use the show to debate complex social issues, from sex and alcohol to ...

    adncn - May 2018

  2. Reading as Collective Action

    ... It provides access to beauty and horror, to new places, new people, and new ideas. It can, as the phrase goes, change your life. Good ... lampposts to the New York Times . You will read about people in Michigan and Tennessee, who leveraged a community reading program on ...

    hasek - April 2018

  3. Framing Fan Fiction

    ... gender and sexualities, within a community of like-minded people. In contrast to the celebration of originality in many other areas of ...

    crainey - May 2018

  4. In Dylan Town

    ... during the Dylan Days festival, Gaines shows that, for many people, being a fan of popular culture couples serious critical and creative ...

    adncn - May 2018

  5. Metamedia

    ... The Cheese Monkeys (2001), Salvador Plascencia’s The People of Paper (2005), Reif Larsen’s The Selected Works of T. S. Spivet ...

    adncn - March 2018

  6. Family Bible

    ... me home. Reading it was like going to a reunion. All the people I wanted to see were there, fully there. All the people I never wanted to see again were there as well! It was deliciously ...

    kraken - March 2018

  7. Iowa

    ... unsung natural beauty. Above all, this is the history of the people of Iowa and the lives they have led—the accomplishments of both ... Album A Peculiar People ...

    kraken - March 2018

  8. Pulp and Paper

    ... of compelling insight into the private lives of the kind of people we regularly see trying to hold it together, but rarely imagine as ... of life while revealing the grace and dignity with which people learn to deal with them. The stories—four set in New Jersey and four ...

    athmas - March 2018

  9. Iowa Stereographs

    ... ago, filled with buildings that still look familiar and people who could be ourselves. The past breathes in these pages.”—Linda K. ... a stereograph viewer and a stack of dual-image cards. People toured the world in three dimensions through the viewer's lenses and ...

    kraken - March 2018

  10. Are You Experienced?

    ... Morning Charles Harper Webb, It’s Good That Old People Get Crotchety Philip Bryant, Early Inheritance Robin Becker, ...

    kraken - March 2018