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  1. The Scientific Nomenclature of Birds in the Upper Midwest

    ... into their sources yield quirky, tantalizing facts about the people, geography, habitat, and mythology behind bird names. Each entry also ...

    athmas - April 2017

  2. The Tallgrass Prairie Center Guide to Seed and Seedling Identification in the Upper Midwest

    ... has been reduced to a tiny percentage of its former expanse, people are working to restore and reconstruct prairie communities. This ...

    jamccoy - April 2017

  3. Pulp and Paper

    ... of compelling insight into the private lives of the kind of people we regularly see trying to hold it together, but rarely imagine as ... of life while revealing the grace and dignity with which people learn to deal with them. The stories—four set in New Jersey and four ...

    athmas - February 2017

  4. Mythical River

    ... Melissa Sevigny cuts through ‘the mirage’ in how people view this arid landscape, a landscape remapped by the twentieth-century ...

    adncn - March 2017

  5. One Dog Happy

    “These are stories for people who love stories, who dig characters and dialogue and a little nudge of ... at a point when their minds are open to manipulation by the people and events around them, and the conclusions they draw are heartbreaking: ...

    kraken - February 2017

  6. Lost and

    ... damaged and barely legible—that document the lives of people living in the deserts of the American West. With these documents, ... journeying and a portal into a world of dispossessed people and enduring desires. Comprised entirely of unaltered reproductions of ...

    athmas - February 2017

  7. Lester Higata's 20th Century

    ... collection as a whole leaves the reader feeling as if these people are his own brothers and sisters, cousins, lovers, and friends, sons and ... in Lester Higata’s 20th Century bring us close to people who could be, and should be, our friends and neighbors and families. ...

    jamccoy - February 2017

  8. The Company of Heaven

    ... of hope and resilience, of spirit and celebration. Like the people they are about, these stories will last.”—Henry Louis Gates, Jr. ... and madness and love, bargaining with God, joining the boat people. Marie-Ange Saint-Jacques’s mother sacrifices everything to insure her ...

    jamccoy - February 2017

  9. Among Friends

    ... is full of scintillating information about contemporary people and poems, and it analyzes, theorizes about, and even performs the ...

    athmas - March 2017

  10. Safe as Houses

    ... professor who, mourning the loss of his wife, robs other people's homes of their sentimental knick-knacks. In "Free Ham," a young ... of these gritty, whimsical stories roam troubled, funny people struggling to reconcile their circumstances to some kind of American ...

    athmas - February 2017