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  1. 2010 Iowa Poetry Prize Winners Announced: Winning Collections to Be Published in Spring 2011

    ... ourselves and to each other—and unhappy about the disappointments that are bound to transpire (“We’ve been like ...

    athmas - August 2010

  2. University of Iowa Press Announces Two Winners for the Great Lakes Colleges Association New Writers Award

    ... offers substance as well as style, asking hard questions about the ways in which we internalize trauma. Delbridge resists the self-pity ...

    kraken - June 2010

  3. Tom Piazza

    Tom Piazza writes about jazz and other American music for the New York Times, Atlantic ...

    kraken - April 2010

  4. Edwin Haviland Miller

    ... a biography of Herman Melville and books and articles about other nineteenth-century American authors. ...

    kraken - April 2010

  5. Alvin Bull

    ... Alvin Bull (1925–1982) was the coauthor of three books about midwestern wildflowers, including Wildflowers of Indiana Woodlands ...

    kraken - April 2010

  6. 2011 Iowa Short Fiction Award Winners Announced

    ... it becomes a source of grace and transcendence, speaking about the things we can never seem say to each other. The characters in Power ...

    kraken - February 2011

  7. Equal Before the Law

    ... important need, and does it very well. Much has been written about the fight for LGBT rights at the national level, but the progress we have ... entirely at the state level, and too little has been written about that. This insightful, informative, and well-written account of the fight ...

    adncn - October 2017

  8. Race Sounds

    ... race, gender, and class differences. Forging new ideas about the relationship between race and sound, Furlonge explores how black ...

    hasek - December 2017

  9. The Making of Theatrical Reputations Is a Finalist for the 2009 George Freedley Memorial Award

    ... Memorial Award honors the best English-language work about live theatre published in the United States. This award is sponsored by ...

    kraken - June 2010

  10. On the Origin of Superheroes

    ... “Chris Gavaler has permanently changed the way I think about the emergence of the superhero and bridges the frontier that divides ... seems less preoccupied with offering a definitive narrative about the origins of superheroes than providing a starting point for further ...

    adncn - November 2017