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  1. 2011 Iowa Short Fiction Award Winners Announced

    ... it becomes a source of grace and transcendence, speaking about the things we can never seem say to each other. The characters in Power ...

    kraken - February 2011

  2. The Making of Theatrical Reputations Is a Finalist for the 2009 George Freedley Memorial Award

    ... Memorial Award honors the best English-language work about live theatre published in the United States. This award is sponsored by ...

    kraken - June 2010

  3. The Promise of Failure

    ... to stick with it against any odds. This book isn’t about failure; it’s about never giving up.”—Madison Smartt Bell, author, All Souls’ Rising ...

    hasek - August 2018

  4. 2012 Iowa Short Fiction Award Winners Announced

    ... who smell of hairspray and beer and landscapers who worry about their livers, of flooded basements and loud trucks, of bad exes and ...

    athmas - February 2012

  5. Humanities and Public Life

    ... projects that model rigorous work, critical thinking about best practices, and strategies for assessing the value and impact of ...

    kraken - August 2018

  6. London in a Box

    ... well-written, engaging prose that tells compelling stories about early American and Atlantic theatre and the social worlds in which it ...

    crainey - August 2018

  7. Good Food, Strong Communities

    ... ‘what works’ in different cities to simultaneously bring about vibrant farms and gardens, just and fair food systems, strong ... Good Food, Strong Communities shares ideas and stories about efforts to improve food security in large urban areas of the United ...

    hasek - July 2018

  8. Squee from the Margins

    ... given that current fan spaces have never been more vocal about debating issues of privilege and discrimination.  Pande’s study ... interviewing thirty-nine fans from nine different countries about their fan practices, she also positions media fandom as a postcolonial ...

    hasek - July 2018

  9. Invisible Hawkeyes

    ... black students at the university, makes even larger claims about the prominence of the Midwest in national conversations about race and African American art and artistic styles.”—Lawrence Jackson, ...

    adncn - July 2018

  10. Athenian Tragedy in Performance

    ... is excellent for reviewing familiar yet unsettled issues about Greek tragedy. It provides a critical summary of prevalent debates, scholarly methods, and the shaky knowledge about each issue without proposing new interpretations or solutions for the ...

    athmas - March 2018