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  1. If I’d Known You Were Coming

    ... You will stay up all night to learn the fates of these people, who will become as real to you as anyone you know.”—Julie ... Maine, from the 1970s to today, the stories feature everyday people, yet somehow manage to unsettle with their exploration of loneliness, ...

    athmas - February 2017

  2. Redstart

    ... back to the writer? This innovative volume speaks to all people wanting to understand how artistic and critical endeavors can enrich, ...

    athmas - March 2017

  3. Control Bird Alt Delete

    ... holes, rock walls, and lilac bushes, and is made to think of people gone missing. Robert Frost meets Times Square. Nature intrudes in ... mazes it hangs up like “welcome home” banners next to people’s mouths while they speak. The reader follows the first-person I ...

    athmas - February 2017

  4. Tell Everyone I Said Hi

    ... rural highways of Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky to find people who’ve lost someone or something they love and have not yet found ways ... basements and loud trucks, of bad exes and horrible jobs, of people who remain loyal to sports teams that always lose. Displaced by ...

    athmas - February 2017

  5. Postliterary America

    ... dares to ask what it means to be a member of the “shadow people”—those who occupy marginalized, nocturnal counterculture—creating ...

    jamccoy - March 2017

  6. Night in Erg Chebbi and Other Stories

    ... farflung territories, skies detonate, boots are weapons, and people lie—and also tell the truth. Edward Hamlin observes it all with mellow ...

    adncn - February 2017

  7. The Vanishing Messiah

    ... it is estimated that Schlatter was treating thousands of people every day, and the neighborhood in which he was staying was overrun with ...

    adncn - February 2017

  8. The Rainy Season

    ... she has immersed herself deeply in the everyday lives of people struggling with AIDS, early death, corruption, false promises, grinding ...

    adncn - February 2017

  9. Meme

    ... environment in which hell is the introjected voices of other people, the hungry ghosts of our recent past."—Rae Armantrout, author, ...

    athmas - February 2017

  10. Excommunicados

    ... of familiar territory into emotional terra incognita where people and things are rarely what they seem. These twelve stories are populated ...

    adncn - February 2017