Prairies, Forests, and Wetlands

Prairies, Forests, and Wetlands

The Restoration of Natural Landscape Communities in Iowa
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151 pages, 33 photos

"Thompson has produced a real jewel in this book. It combines a most readable background on Iowa's natural landscape, how the various eco-regions evolved the way they did, and, most importantly, practical approaches to bringing a small amount of this landscape back in a way that we can enjoy them."—Dennis R. Keeney

"In addition to being a thorough guide to restoration of prairies, forests, and wetlands, Jan Thompson's book is an excellent introduction to the natural history of the three communities…A welcome addition to the repertoire of information available to restorationists."—Paul Christiansen

Before Euro-American settlement, graceful prairies and prairie-wetland complexes dominated Iowa's rolling landscape, with forest communities hugging rivers and streams and savannas or forests covering the southern and eastern portions of the state. During the last 150 years these original natural communities have nearly been eliminated by conversion of over 95 percent of the land to agricultural and urban uses.

This timely, practical book combines a nontechnical natural history of each native community with a how-to manual for lay restorationists dedicated to reconstructing prairies, forests, and wetlands. Thompson intelligently presents the collective experience of professionals active in restoring the splendid natural areas of Iowa and the greater Midwest—discussing site selection, site preparation, plant species, planting techniques, costs, and maintenance of restoration areas. She includes a useful list of sources for plant materials in and near Iowa as well as information on the birds and mammals, reptiles and amphibians of these landscapes. Prairies, Forests, and Wetlands will help individual landowners, farmers, landscape architects, D.O.T. engineers, teachers, botanists, county conservation boards, and wildlife area managers in their private and professional campaigns to reclaim Iowa's land.